Friday, August 26, 2005


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Monday, May 02, 2005


The lenten season is finally at an end... It was a very trying time... I am looking forward to things settling down and the coming of summer. It was a very moving Resurrection celebration... As always it did not go off without a hitch... not much else to say

"I believe it because it is absurd"

Christ is Risen!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Churches of Elitism

The Catholic world has a new Pontiff. Does anyone know what we can expect from him? I am sure more of the same. As an Orthodox Christian his election at first was something of a wonder. I was only an infant when JP2 was elected. I watched FoxNews with the greatest interest. He spoke of a war on relativism. A war on liberalism and everything left of center. The first question I had was about reunification of the churches.

What would that really mean? I have read several articles on the subject from both a Catholic perspective and from an Orthodox perspective. All I read were a lot of really big words and fancy sounding jargon. What do all those words really mean? Basically the Catholic church will never give up Primacy. Primacy being absolute heads and leaders of the church. Basically the Pope could do whatever he liked and we would have no recourse. That's the big one I think. Then there is the problem with the married clergy... Not really an issue for us but the Catholic church would have a lot to answer there. They already look the other way with the "eastern rite churches" Would there be outrage on a grass roots level if they were to all of a sudden accept our practice of allowing married priests and not offer the same to there priests? Could they "grandfather" there priests and allow them to marry? Would they expect us to conform to the Vatican 2 changes? Or would they abandon Vatican 2 and take a more ancient form of ritualism and thought? Most of the interviews I read dismiss most of these things as inconsequential.

What about old wars old battles that have been forgotten? What if the western church demands the use of unleavened bread? Do follow or will we fight for tradition for our spirituality? Where will the discussion end? Will we come to conclusion all can live with? Once reunited with the Catholic church how will we reconcile the protestant churches?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


In the immortal words of 3 days grace
"This house is not a home"

I have been living in a condo with my wife and our 2 children for 2 years.
As I have said previously we just bought a house. We close on Friday! The condo we live in is a mess. Generally we are NEAT FREAKS! We hate things dirty and hate clutter... Right now our condo is in utter disarray. We cant wait to get out... we are half packed and have no idea were to go from here. He tried our best to make it a home. Now we talk of it as if it were a dead thing... Something no one should touch because of some wierd disease you may contract...

So the countdown has started we close in less than 48 hours. By this time on friday I will have inflammed carpel tunnel. I drive by it everyday and spend hours in Lowe's I have no time to hate anyone or time to be bothered by anybody. Though I think we need to scrap the current legal system and find something new.

On a side note: The American People need to become more aware of the people they elect to be judges... Not a single judge is worth drop of my piss. Fire them All! Charge them with TREASON! And we all know what the penalty for treason is.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ides of March

March has to be the worst month. Granted my birthday is at the end of the month until then March is terrible. Its colder now than it was in February. Its the last push of winter as it fights with spring. Its deceptively sunny. Had it not snowed this week I would have thought that its warm outside.

One more month then we are moving. We close April 1st. That seems like its so far away. Then when I look at how much needs to be done its seems as if it is so close.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Yesterday was our 1st Wedding Anniversary. It was so anti-climactic. We are poor cause we just bought a house and a car. We had left overs and watched a movie. The left overs sucked but the movie was good. Danny Deckchair is the name of the movie. Its an Australian flick. I like Australian movies and New Zealand movies are pretty cool too. The cool thing is that my parents got us a gift card to PF Chang's and we have gift Certificates to the movies left over from Xmas. So our date night will be this weekend and its free.

My New House Posted by Hello


I bought a car... Not one that I really wanted. I bought my wife a car. I bought her a Scion xB. Its not bad. I didnt get my Durango cause I had to get rid of my lease and the only people that would take it was Toyota. Oh well. I bought a house. Buying a house is totally nerve racking but extremely exciting at the same time. Its a very cool house. I'll post a picture later. We close April 1st.

Friday, January 28, 2005


It's finally Friday. This has been the longest in recent memory. People are just a little too demanding. People constantly ask what can you do for me. FUCK YOU!!! what can you do for yourself. People think they are entitled to everything. Entitled to an expensive car a big house you name it and there are people that believe they are entitled to it. Entitled to Social Security. Entitled to Welfare. Entitled to Medicaid. Get a job just like anyone else. I am tired of the government taking my money to pay for all this crap.

Did you know that if you saved $250 dollars a month in a basic 401k for 20 years you would have a million dollars. So lets say you enter the work force at 18 by 38 you will have accumulated $1,000,000 that means at 58, 7years before retirement you would have $2,000,000 of non taxable money. I can barely scrape that money toegether every month because I am paying for shit like public entitlement. I dont want Social Security. I only rely on the goverment to make sure I dont get blown up by some goat fucking muslim. Not to change my depends when I get older. I will be able to afford a nursing home.