Friday, January 28, 2005


It's finally Friday. This has been the longest in recent memory. People are just a little too demanding. People constantly ask what can you do for me. FUCK YOU!!! what can you do for yourself. People think they are entitled to everything. Entitled to an expensive car a big house you name it and there are people that believe they are entitled to it. Entitled to Social Security. Entitled to Welfare. Entitled to Medicaid. Get a job just like anyone else. I am tired of the government taking my money to pay for all this crap.

Did you know that if you saved $250 dollars a month in a basic 401k for 20 years you would have a million dollars. So lets say you enter the work force at 18 by 38 you will have accumulated $1,000,000 that means at 58, 7years before retirement you would have $2,000,000 of non taxable money. I can barely scrape that money toegether every month because I am paying for shit like public entitlement. I dont want Social Security. I only rely on the goverment to make sure I dont get blown up by some goat fucking muslim. Not to change my depends when I get older. I will be able to afford a nursing home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


My first car was '91 Toyota Tercel.... it was a great car. I bought it in 95 for 3 grand... My brother blew out the engine while I was away at school 4 years later... The next car was a 2000 Toyota Corolla that I leased for less than 200 a month. Don't ever lease a car... no matter how desperate you are.... its 5 years later and I have to turn mine in... I am going to get raped by the bank I can tell already. I cant buy a new car till I find out how much the bank is going to pound me in the ass for. This just sucks. The only thing I have going for me is that the car is in pretty good condition for being 5 years old and surviving my days of being a barfly.

The good news is that I am getting a Dodge Durango 2004 brand new they want gone! 4x4 V8 Hemi for 21,999 which is almost 17 grand below sticker. Friday is the day I get it. I cant wait.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Am I happy?

I am happy now...
not sure why...
It seems like a good thing to be

I could use a nap
just a few minutes of rest
I am eternally looking for rest
wanting to rest eternally
internally seething
externally blue hued

staring at flourescant light
going slowly blind
I am already deaf and dumb
the yearning to be ignorant
self depracating

I want to travel
anywhere has to be better than here
somewhere warm
warming to the core

no place is better than here
if I go then I'm there
cant escape yourself
cant hide anymore

I have no one to hate
so I hate myself
let me read the paper
watch the news
I am sure they can pour kerosene on my fire

Winter Weather

Christmas let down
overrun overworked
foggy head

Havent had a good nights sleep in weeks
wierd dreams

Cant wake up
always yawning
need more coffee

Never enough
needing more
lost voice
drowned out

Hump Day

Is it Friday?
I need out of my gray walled cell
Multi colored carpet slowly swallowing my chair
Hum of a hardrive
flash of a monitor
Sending me into an siezure

My life is ruled by a gourd
A big blue gourd
I have breakfast instead of lunch today
at dinner I will be starving

The way people are treated
The way cattle are herded
I fear my cube neighbor might snap
I'm sure he'll end up shooting me in the head
Careless selfish corporate mogals
I only feel that way cause I'm jealous

Tuesday, January 11, 2005



I have ADD... or I'm BiPolar... I dont know... I hate being labeled. I am conservative... but what does that mean. I dont think anyone knows. I voted for Bush... Kerry had no balls. Atleast Bush has the balls to do whatever the fuck he wants.

Is it sad soldiers are dying... yes it is, but they volunteered.

Dan Rather should have been fired

The Govt should pay Howard Stern back all the fine money

I saw a "liberal" with a bumper sticker that said Annoy a conservative, Think for yourself in Blockbuster's parking lot...
She got out of her car and I said "Annoy a liberal, question Michael Moore"
She scowled at me... fuck her too

I like persons... I hate people...

The problem is that I am right... And everyone else is wrong... I am persistent and get what I want... am I spoiled... never... I work for it all

I've alienated myself from almost everyone I have ever met

I dont believe in anything or anyone

I am a Christian and I am tired of being reverse descriminated against

I hate the Turks... I hate the muslims and jews (oops I said it...) cause they dont like me either so they wont mind

I have no more patience for compassion

I am losing all my sensibilities...

The mods will probably delete this...

Do I preach or advocate hate... no.. I am just telling you how I feel

But if no one has patience compassion or love for me why shouldn't reciprocate the hate?
Cause Jesus said so... too bad... I am already going to hell

I am free thinker....
free to think (as long as I agree with Michael Moore or Bill O'Reilly)

I cant be in the middle... Cause then I am indecisive

I have to conform... I'm either right or left

If the lights went out would anyone notice?

Everyone seems to be wandering in darkness

Is this the end of the world... 175,000 dead in asia

California sliding into the Pacific

here in lovely Ohio.... the Ohio River is flooded... swallowing downtown inch by creeping inch

I cant get home because of the washed out roads...

January 11th and its 60 degrees?

Havent you ever wanted to just put someone out of their misery?

Euthenasia is a bad thing?

Thin the herd

I can keep going....

I wish I was Jack Bauer
with a "24"hour pass to kill

I am the guy in the cube next to you
You know the one hiding in the corner cause they are looking for us

My parents dropped out and tuned in
I wish I could unplug...(phone rings)

dead air... they're listening again....

random thoughts?
this is my mind keep off....

looking for help

I sure could use some more money
I dont know too many people that have enough
I was hoping to find a job that is right for me
I feel like this is all I will ever do
I hope I have more success than this

Half written chapters
Half written novels
Ideas that come in the middle of the night
Half writ
Half wit
Cant hold a thought
its raining
I'm raining
I'm rain man

Visual Mathematician
IQ 178
computer junky
College flunky

I have an addictive personality
people become addicted to me
I become addicted to being numb
I havent had a smoke in months

whats your secret?