Friday, January 28, 2005


It's finally Friday. This has been the longest in recent memory. People are just a little too demanding. People constantly ask what can you do for me. FUCK YOU!!! what can you do for yourself. People think they are entitled to everything. Entitled to an expensive car a big house you name it and there are people that believe they are entitled to it. Entitled to Social Security. Entitled to Welfare. Entitled to Medicaid. Get a job just like anyone else. I am tired of the government taking my money to pay for all this crap.

Did you know that if you saved $250 dollars a month in a basic 401k for 20 years you would have a million dollars. So lets say you enter the work force at 18 by 38 you will have accumulated $1,000,000 that means at 58, 7years before retirement you would have $2,000,000 of non taxable money. I can barely scrape that money toegether every month because I am paying for shit like public entitlement. I dont want Social Security. I only rely on the goverment to make sure I dont get blown up by some goat fucking muslim. Not to change my depends when I get older. I will be able to afford a nursing home.


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