Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Yesterday was our 1st Wedding Anniversary. It was so anti-climactic. We are poor cause we just bought a house and a car. We had left overs and watched a movie. The left overs sucked but the movie was good. Danny Deckchair is the name of the movie. Its an Australian flick. I like Australian movies and New Zealand movies are pretty cool too. The cool thing is that my parents got us a gift card to PF Chang's and we have gift Certificates to the movies left over from Xmas. So our date night will be this weekend and its free.

My New House Posted by Hello


I bought a car... Not one that I really wanted. I bought my wife a car. I bought her a Scion xB. Its not bad. I didnt get my Durango cause I had to get rid of my lease and the only people that would take it was Toyota. Oh well. I bought a house. Buying a house is totally nerve racking but extremely exciting at the same time. Its a very cool house. I'll post a picture later. We close April 1st.