Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Churches of Elitism

The Catholic world has a new Pontiff. Does anyone know what we can expect from him? I am sure more of the same. As an Orthodox Christian his election at first was something of a wonder. I was only an infant when JP2 was elected. I watched FoxNews with the greatest interest. He spoke of a war on relativism. A war on liberalism and everything left of center. The first question I had was about reunification of the churches.

What would that really mean? I have read several articles on the subject from both a Catholic perspective and from an Orthodox perspective. All I read were a lot of really big words and fancy sounding jargon. What do all those words really mean? Basically the Catholic church will never give up Primacy. Primacy being absolute heads and leaders of the church. Basically the Pope could do whatever he liked and we would have no recourse. That's the big one I think. Then there is the problem with the married clergy... Not really an issue for us but the Catholic church would have a lot to answer there. They already look the other way with the "eastern rite churches" Would there be outrage on a grass roots level if they were to all of a sudden accept our practice of allowing married priests and not offer the same to there priests? Could they "grandfather" there priests and allow them to marry? Would they expect us to conform to the Vatican 2 changes? Or would they abandon Vatican 2 and take a more ancient form of ritualism and thought? Most of the interviews I read dismiss most of these things as inconsequential.

What about old wars old battles that have been forgotten? What if the western church demands the use of unleavened bread? Do follow or will we fight for tradition for our spirituality? Where will the discussion end? Will we come to conclusion all can live with? Once reunited with the Catholic church how will we reconcile the protestant churches?